Creating Amazing Apps for Engineers!

We are software developers, engineers, and consultants. Most of the time this means we are developing computer aided design (CAD) applications, or programs to integrate CAD with business critical software. The programs we create will improve AEC work process and often allow you to introduce a practice not possible with current technology.

Consider this scenario – today you send out a survey crew to capture locations of water run-off conditions. They don’t really know what to look for and you end up sending them out at least one more time. When they get back, with the correct information you add this to your CAD drawing, and maybe by the end of the week you have some documentation ready for the EPA. Now let’s say you could go to the job site yourself and take some photos with your smart phone. Upon your return to the office you create a drawing with photos, markers, and annotations located in the drawing where you snapped the photos. And you complete this in minutes. With a smartphone and an inexpensive add-in like PhotogeoDWG, you have disrupted the work process. So, if we can do this, imagine what we could do for you.

Improving design and engineering tech can take on many forms – from hardware refreshes to new software development. Sometimes the decision about what to do next is obvious, but when it’s not we can assist. Phocaz consultants can help you compare apples and oranges; compare seemingly dissimilar needs and assist you with approaches in prioritization. Before we dive in and customize, let’s make sure that this is the right thing for your organization at this time.

Next step – let’s make a plan. A Phocaz consultant will guide you through creating requirements, a scope, budget, and schedule. Our combined knowledge of engineering and technology will help you fill in the gaps – we can help you determine how users might need to interact with the program, how the program is likely to perform, help identify interconnects with business programs, and document the expected outcomes so you have a way to measure the success of the project.

Our software developers have experience with Autodesk and Bentley SDKs / APIs; AutoCAD, Civil3D, MicroStation, Projectwise, and Open Roads. All are skilled in C/C++, C#, VBA, SQL, XML, XAML – just to name a few. And, because software projects evolve they can adapt to your changing needs.

Gathering input from your users, educating stakeholders on the benefits and opportunities, identifying measurable outcomes, and determining business value are crucial during transitions. Let us help you create those resources you will need to make the transformation a success. From documentation to more complex efforts like deployment or support, Phocaz can help.

Repeat – technology will require periodic release updates and maintenance. Phocaz can help you keep your customizations up to date and reduce the amount of time needed to upgrade operating systems, business technologies, and CAD.

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