Creating Amazing Apps for Engineers!

That’s what we love to do.

How do we know what to create?

Workflow Analysis

The workflow analysis process goes through your business workflow to identify ways to increase it’s efficiency and accuracy.

 Possible improvements can be tailored training for tools you already have or creating a custom application or add-in.

Each workflow is different and we work with your project goals, schedule and budget  to get you the highest business value return.

What kinds of apps do we create?

The apps we create are Service Bundles and fall into one of two categories.

Production Tools

Batch repeat actions across multiple platforms, such as ProjectWise, AutoCAD, Microstation, InRoads, OpenRoads, and Microsoft Word. 

Smart Tools

These are add-ins to existing CAD software, such as AutoCAD or Microstation.

Reporting Tools

When analyzing the work process there are almost always one of the three areas of automation that are underserved.

We have looked at the first two already, productivity and smart tools.

Productivity tools address quality and speed, while smart tools offer a means to automate event driven actions such as labeling or moving related graphics at the same time – the latter is particularly helpful when users are unaware of entity dependencies. 

The third area is reporting.