Creating tailored automation programs to help the transportation industry improve the consistency of their work processes. 











Research and Analysis

Our consulting services start with research and analysis. In this phase we learn about your business, your project needs and goals. We analyze work flow and user interactions to determine how your team will work with the new tools – an extra level of detail to help you improve adoption and manage change. We help your team identify key measures for success and a go-no-go metric to proceed.

We provide details and recommendations based on the analysis to make sure important project aspects will be addressed. Leverage our domain and technical experiences as we work with you to identify the issues and complexities of the project. Large or small, we can help you manage the intricacies of technology design, construction and delivery.

Process and Access

Our process is simple and follows agile methods. This provides us with the most flexible project structure. We generally follow a 4 week sprint, but can adapt to your schedule as needed. All source is stored on Git and available to your technology team throughout the project. At the completion of the project, ownership of all source is transferred to your team.


In an era when technology seems to change every day it’s difficult to keep pace. Rest assured, at The Phocaz Group we remain current with the latest technologies and are always researching what’s new and trending. We can help you make informed value driven decisions about upgrades, refreshes and new tech.

Our integration efforts span multiple technologies and our capabilities include the tools and technologies that you use every day – Bentley MicroStation and verticals like InRoads and Geopak (and Open Roads). And, we are as capable with AutoCAD and its verticals like Civil3D. And, ask us about our experiences with ProjectWise.

Since our practice focus is on these technologies we tend to use the latest tools from Microsoft and generally recommend managed code where appropriate. We are capable in many languages including, C/C++, C#, VB.Net, and VBA.

Strategy and Planning

Successful delivery of technology assets requires planning and a solid understanding of value. Let us analyze your project goals, help you compare options, and prioritize.

Software Development

Design software is very complex and still, out of the box it doesn’t quite fit the methods of your design practice. We are software developers with engineering backgrounds. We know how to extend MicroStation, AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Open Roads. Let us help you create the next amazing app!

Transition and Support

The new software, system, or tech is ready to deploy. Are you ready? This transition will require some new resources. Our analysts and consultants can assist with documentation, training, and on-going support.

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