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Delivering innovative technical solutions since 2014

Phocaz, Inc. was founded as a vehicle to bring the expertise of our founders together in order to offer smart effective solutions. Led by decades of engineering, mentoring and leadership experience, Phocaz can help you establish your technical priorities, so you can focus on the big picture. Phocaz created Phorz, our intuitive software platform, to facilitate the automation of CAD data to GIS imagery, enabling organizations to focus on the big picture.

Winner of Bentley Systems
Founder’s Award

Winner of Bentley Systems
Founder’s Award

2023 Going Digital Awards
Infrastructure Finalist

Meet the Founders

Mary Ramsey

A Founding Partner at Phocaz, Inc., Mary has leveraged her 20+ years of experience in expanding portfolios of clients with a focus on the State’s Department of Transportation.

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Mary’s passion for technology and teamwork stems from her diverse and successful career in various fields and roles. She has been involved in managing technical training and support for teams and individuals, as well as founding and running her own company, Ramsey Systems, Inc., for 7.5 years. She has also worked in the non profit sector, serving as a director, manager, employee, and volunteer for Junior Achievement and United Way. Mary’s specialty is the ability to look at situations from different perspectives: as a developer, seller, buyer/end user, and support after the sale. Her mission is to make every day a remarkable adventure.

Mark Stefanchuk

Mark has a proven record leading technology teams with successful implementations of information technology across multiple disciplines – marketing, hr, architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and IT.

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While beginning his career as a project engineer for Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Mark realized early on that combining engineering experiences with emerging design technologies was essential for mastering the engineering toolbox of the future. Later in his career, when he joined Intergraph he was introduced to design automation concepts, and key technology principles that would become the foundation of a successful technical career. He built upon these lessons working as a consultant for engineering firms across the mid-west and southeast. At firms like Power Engineers, and Fluor he was able to learn how design teams produced, and just as critical, how construction teams consumed the results of that technology. At Target Corporation, he learned to manage design automation technologies on a very large scale and across many disciplines. In 2014, Mark co-founded Phocaz, Inc. as a vehicle to bring all these experiences together to offer smart effective solutions. He is a software engineer, a design engineer, and a capable business leader who can help you establish your technical priorities.

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