A roundup of the most interesting DOT and transportation industry related news that we’ve happened upon in the past seven days.


Columbus Just Won $50 Million to Become the City of the Future, WIRED

If all goes according to plan, the Ohio capital will soon burst with electric vehicles, autonomous shuttles, platooning trucks, and bus rapid transit, which will sail through smart traffic lights that turn green just for them. Every resident will benefit.

Solar Impulse 2 begins transatlantic stretch of global journey
, The Guardian

The voyage marks the first solo transatlantic crossing in a solar-powered airplane, and is one of the most difficult legs in Solar Impulse 2’s journey around the world. “Goodbye NewYork! Now looking forward to the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and reaching Europe in a few days,” Piccard tweeted, posting a picture of the darkened sky and city lights[.]

The Guardian

U.S. Department of Transportation Partners with Continental Automotive for Smart City Challenge
, U.S. Department of Transportation

 “At Continental, safety is at the cornerstone of everything that we do. That is why we are proud to join the USDOT’s national Smart City Challenge as a key provider of active safety technology and secure connectivity to help advance the development of future mobility services such as automated driving infrastructure solutions, Intelligent Transportation Systems and V2X technology,” said Samir Salman, CEO of Continental North America. “The Smart City Challenge aligns with our company’s mission of Vision Zero, which is our goal to globally eliminate traffic and road fatalities, making mobility safer, more convenient and more efficient for everyone.”

In Your Neighborhood, Who Draws the Maps?
Next City


Knowing a neighborhood’s boundaries and unique features allows a group to list its assets. What buildings have historic significance? What shops and restaurants exist? It also helps highlight gaps: What’s missing? What does the neighborhood need more of? What is there already too much of? Armed with this detailed inventory, residents can approach a developer, city council member or advocacy group with hard numbers on what they know their neighborhood needs.

Autodesk and ABC Team Up for AEC Education
, CAD Digest

The partnership between Autodesk and [the Associated Builders and Contractors] has been a while in the making and it could still be a year or two before we start to see the ripples from the initiatives the two organizations have planned, but it holds a great deal of potential to help the construction industry face the massive transformation it’s undergoing.