A picture is worth a 1000 words. Unless you forgot to make a notation of where you took the picture and why you took the picture. Because the picture you are looking at is a stop sign or some trees or the road. All nondescript and could have been taken anywhere. And now you are wondering what happened to the hard copy of the map that has all of your notations.

Whether you’re working on a construction project or doing an environmental study or just counting the cracks in the sidewalk, pictures play an important part in your project. Knowing the where and the why you took those pictures is also critical to your project.

PhotogeoDGN and PhotogeoDWG help you with the where question. These apps let you select photos to import into your CAD file. Camera markers are placed at the locations where the photos were taken by converting GPS data to your map’s coordinate system. You can also place a thumbnail of the photo next to the camera markers. 

PhotogeoDWG/DGN also has a feature to allow you to attach a description to the file. You were wondering why you took that photo? Now you can attach the that reason to the photo. 

Just imagine how many hours you could save by using PhotogeoDGN/DWG. Got an idea of how to use PhotogeoDGN/DWG? Send us an email and we may feature you in a future blog post and shower you with Phocaz emblazoned swag.