Change management is difficult, and ideally it starts early, at the beginning of a project. Gathering input from your users, educating stakeholders on the benefits and opportunities, identifying measurable outcomes, business value – the list often seems endless. Delivering a new software application to solve a team’s problem can only be successful if they want to use it and can use it. And while much of this activity is an internal process, we can help you make the transition from finished software to actually being used. Let us help you create those resources you will need to make the transformation a success. After all, we already know your new tech inside and out.


By the time software, or a new component is ready to deploy, The Phocaz Group team working on the project already knows your new tools. We can quickly prepare end user documentation and administrative guides. Delivering the new software without some how-to content will slow down adoption and potentially cause the project to fail because your team isn’t using it.


If you have documentation, maybe you need training. Today, training needs to be on-demand. Consider hiring us to author and produce recorded training sessions. These videos can be hosted on-line and available 24/7.

Sometimes however, old school works best. On-site instruction lead seminars work and can get your users up and running quickly. It’s a tried and true mechanism for conveying technical concepts.

Or, maybe something in between is best. A live instructor lead training using web based meeting software is ideal for training many people at multiple locations. This is by far the best investment you can make in training. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your training needs.


Everything is working as expected, the training is complete, the users have documentation, but now a new scenario emerges. Many of our clients are able to internalize and provide on-going support for the new software. In some cases though, due to many understandable reasons, they prefer to hand-off support to The Phocaz Group. In these cases our analysts become an extension of your support team. We will manage support issues to your guidelines, or you can use our processes. Either way, we make a great cost effective alternative to expanding your support services. Ask us about creating a support plan that fits your needs.

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