Service Bundles

     The focus, of our consulting practice is the automation of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Engineering technologies. We are experts at enhancing the capabilities of foundational CAD systems like MicroStation from Bentley Systems, and AutoCAD from Autodesk. We are software engineers, coders, who create amazing applications for vertical programs like Civil 3D, OpenRoads. And, we help our customers wrangle large datasets by building integrated solutions between the CAD, databases, and systems like ProjectWise.

     The team has chosen some service projects to highlight and present as “bundles”. The idea is to provide compact examples of what you might do to make your design process more effective, or in many cases, do something that you may have thought was impossible. It’s not expected that each of these will be an exact fit for your team, but with some modifications we can leverage the code and experiences of these examples to create an amazing app for you. 

     Coding projects do not have to be big, massive, and complex to be effective. Here are two examples that use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in MicroStation, each reduce production hours and reduce human error improving drawing quality.

Revision Shift

Changing the revision data in a title block can be time consuming especially if it has to be done across hundreds of drawings.
Just the task of removing the oldest revision data and signatures takes more than a second.
And, what if you delete the wrong thing – undo, re-do, re-type.

     The revision shift command reads the revision shift title block tag data, removes the oldest row, then “shifts” the block up leaving the most recent revision block empty ready to accept new dates, descriptions, and approval initials.

     There is no copy-paste, or tag editing, the program does all the work and it completes the task in milli-seconds.

Title Block EDF to Tags

     If your client uses ProjectWise, chances are they have created new borders containing Tags. But hey, you are tasked with updating an older installation and the drawings the client gave you are pretty old and still use title blocks containing text and/or enter data fields. Now what do you do? Many firms commit to changing out the borders one element at a time. This can add hundreds of hours to the drafting time, and errors will be made.

     Phocaz has developed tech that can automate this process. Now, a task that used to take hundreds of hours per project is reduced to a few minutes. The program we created reads the legacy title block information and loads it into the appropriate tag data field – no typing required.

     The image only shows the revision number, but this title block actually has 43 text elements. Copying each text string from the old title block to the data fields in the new title block was taking more than an hour per drawing.

The program Phocaz created takes about a second. Further, this tool was modified to process multiple drawings (batch process) – so the design team can now run this program at the beginning of a project and swap out all of the old title blocks with new, fully populated title blocks.