Title Block

Title Block for MicroStation CONNECT and OpenRoads has gone through a major renovation. Our client’s latest workspace will include a much more effective title block management tool fully integrated with ProjectWise. Users can now build project title block listings simply by building a list of DGN files and model names. By adding DGN files to a project the application can automatically retrieve sheet data and build a comprehensive list of all sheet information. Users can then edit the excel like datagrid to modify, add, or delete sheet information. Synchronization tools then automate updating title block data. Extract – Manage – Synch.

A key challenge for this project was to make the program flexible enough to handle multiple disciplines and sheet types not just for our client, but also for their consultants. Consultants will use their own borders so we could not implement a strict data model. Instead we opted for having the organization modify the Item Type libraries – a MicroStation feature. By doing so we could then build the title block data grid at the time of extraction.

This software will also integrate with ProjectWise and users can choose whether or not to build the title block listing using a file system or using ProjectWise. For our client the choice will always be to use ProjectWise, but again in order to support external users, we opted to implement support for both old school file system as well as the advanced file management system.

Technologies: MicroStation SDK, OpenRoads SDK, ProjectWise SDK, C#