Spot Elevation

A Smart Tool Sertvice Bundle

What happens when a tool from your CAD workflow is removed or is no longer supported?

That is, it will not work in newer versions of your favorite CAD software. Typically, there are replacement features, but these are often only available in premium applications, and/or have pre-requisite workflows that make adding some detail complicated and time consuming. You just want that command back.

This is the case with a command called Spot Elevation.

This command places markers at a selected or specified elevation. The command does not save any data, but it does take user input to control the command action – marker style, level, size, with or without leader, etc.
If you’re familiar with the old command, then this one will be very familiar.

The original command was included as part of a larger add-in called Civil Tools and has not been carried forward to the latest generation of MicroStation – CONNECT. By re-creating this tool we are helping our client maintain established practices and standards that his clients expect.