Sign Assembly Tool
for Open Roads & Civil 3D

The flagship of the traffic add-in software for OpenRoads is the Sign Assembly Tool.

A sophisticated application integrating the pay item database with road sign drawing. The program can place panel arrays of up to 40 panels – 20 Front and 20 Back.

The signs are named based on MUTCD standards and the built-in search features help users find the required panels quickly. Place free and unrotated or use relative rotation to place signs and posts in the direction of travel. Because all properties are saved in item types labels can be placed with a couple of clicks – no typing required.

Business critical add-ins need to be supported on Civil 3D as well as OpenRoads. We want the experience to be as similar as possible in both environments. This helps control the learning curve, and as a result reduces the software support load.

The dark theme shown here is an option within AutoCAD/Civil 3D, but the controls in this version are the same as those in the OpenRoads version.

Training YouTube Video for Sign Assembly:

Technologies: OpenRoads SDK, MicroStation SDK, AutoCAD SDK, Civil 3D SDK, C#