ProjectWise Integration

More and more, organizations are adopting file management systems to group, tag, and share files across an organization. For design and construction documents that often means ProjectWise is the go to work horse for managing projects invokving computer aided design assets. Software built for organizations using ProjectWise must integrate its features within each UI. Check-in/out/free are basic operations that need to be added.

At Phocaz, we have built-in these features so that design tools like the one shown in the image to the right, can save and retrieve design data across the organization. When our customers use our tools both the data files and design models are stored in ProjectWise and synchronized across all servers. Accessing the data from a district office is as easy as it is at HQ.

Phocaz has built wrappers around the core ProjectWise API elements so that we can integrate these tools quickly and efficiently. All programs will have the same capabilities and will feel like ProjectWise to the end user minimizing learning and adoption hurdles. This becomes especially important for applications that are used only when needed. Learning and relearning become easier because the commands are the same for all applications used.

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Technologies: ProjectWise SDK, C#, C++