Project Final

Your approach to final packaging of a project’s electronic deliverables can be and afterthought or it can be a business differentiator. Whether you are aware of it or not, your team has to do some house-keeping on all CAD files before these are handed-off to the customer/owner.

This would be operations that go beyond basic CAD standards. In MicroStation your team might be turning on/off views, on/off levels, and setting file attributes. And in AutoCAD this could be turning on/off layers, window to a specific coordinate, running purge, and making model space the active tab. It’s also likely that your team is burning a lot of project hours to accomplish these tasks because they are making these settings one at a time and on one drawing at a time.

Instead, what if they could accomplish this entire task in just a few seconds and with consistent results. That is, they don’t miss a step or turn on the wrong layer. We can help. You tell us what final state the drawings need to have, and we will provide a script, or program, that will process the drawings in seconds.

Technologies: C#, VBA, MicroStation, AutoCAD