Traffic Design Data Manager

Create feature reports, capture quality issues, and generate quantities for traffic design projects. The program simplifies data navigation by synchronizing report records with feature location. The program will track design issues like missing lengths, payitems, or alignment names.

The iTwin program was developed for Florida DOT based on Open Roads add-ins Phocaz created to design and draw traffic plan elements. Ask us about adding this solution for your agency or expanding the capabilities to address similar needs.

In addition to generating feature reports, with Traffic Design Data Manager you can expect to:

  • Save time and capture quality issues automatically. Capture tedious design issues that take time checking and re-checking.
  • Increase data trust across discipline domains, silos by improving data integrity. Make it easy to move data from design to downstream consumers.
  • Eliminate paper for QA/QC. Using iTwin we can create an easy-to-use application and eliminate the resistance to digital design checking.

Traffic Design Data Manager leverages iTwin to aggregate design data and graphic workflows. And it can reach across discipline domains. Instead of splicing the workflow with separate applications to move data from one application to another, our solution manages the data and graphics in the same environment. For example, if you want to move data from design to QA, exporting the data to a different format isn’t necessary. We can even take this idea further and think about connecting to other disciplines, like GIS.

The Web Advantage

Traffic Design Data Manager is an uncomplicated, easy to use web. Browser applications are more familiar and are more accessible to a broader swath of users, especially those who might not be familiar with more complex CAD tools like MicroStation or OpenRoads. And an easy-to-use software means we can do things like eliminate the dependency on paper for design checking and encourage digital design QA/QC workflows.

Platform Services

Traffic Design Data Manager leverages several key iTwin Platforms. The addition of which result in a richer set of capabilities and provide common controls familiar to users of other iTwin applications. Four of these platform services are part of the overall application design,

  • Data Management
  • Visualization
  • Issue Management
  • Reporting

Next Up

Our goals for 2022 include more quality testing, adding support for new reporting capabilities, and adding enhancements to issue reporting and tracking. As well, we plan to explore building automated quality agents that will notify design leaders of issues without having to visually inspect the design.

Technologies: Geopak SS4 SDK, MicroStation SS4 SDK, C#