Mark and I talk about Photogeo a lot. It has the potential to help so many people make a connection between digital site photos and CAD files. The desktop program converts the photo’s GPS data to map units and places an icon (cell or block) in the location where you snapped the photo. Great, right? But, what if you had a mobile app that would allow you to add notes as meta data to your photo while you are in the field?  Wouldn’t that be better?

Image this scenario: You are walking a job site taking photos for your project. Let’s say it is an environmental study. Lots of photos of trees, areas with water runoff, and photos of the local wildlife are taken with your smartphone. Many notes have been scribbled in your notebook or hard copy map about the natural habitat.

After the photos are uploaded to your company’s server or cloud provider, you have the unenviable task of figuring out where you took the photos and why. Maybe you took good notes and maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you have an amazing memory and can recall where you took each photo and why.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we struggle to remember these things. We will spends hours painstakingly piecing together the location of the photos and the “why” of the photos. If you took 100 photos and spend 10 minutes (conservative estimate) on each photo to calculate the location and translate your notes, then you invest a total of sixteen hours (give or take).

Let’s go back to our original scenario and this time we use the Photogeo mobile app called PG Capture. This app would work on your Apple or Android (or Microsoft; assuming they still have a mobile OS). When you take your photo using PG Capture, you can add in notes about the photo.

PG Capture Login Screen

Things like:

  • Why you are taking the photo.
  • Add a description of the site that helps explain why.
  • What is the thing you photographed?
  • Who might be interested.
  • When you are taking the photo. (This is already metadata on the photo but adding descriptive words could be helpful.)

Back to the office where the photos are uploaded. Use PhotogeoDGN/DWG to import your 100 photos in minutes (compare to 16 hours). An icon for each photo is placed in the location where it was taken and all the notes you made in the field are attached to the photo.

AND, you can place thumbnails of the photos plus the text associated with the photo. Including all that stuff you write in PG Capture while in the field.

Phocaz has begun development of the PG Capture app but we need your help. A handful of companies will be selected to help test and give advice on how we finish the product. Would you like to be one of those select companies? Email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.