Raster Manager Preferences

I’m trying to develop a quick way to make existing conditions documents in MicroStation SS2. And I’m using PhotogeoDGN to create thumbnail references. In SS3 this works fine (out of the box – meaning an unmodified install of MicroStation). In SS2 the images weren’t placing. Some curse words then calmed down and ask, What do I do?

Ok. This took me some hacking, but it’s actually easy. I discovered, using element info, that my rasters had draping set to Yes. But it actually needs to be set to No. Ok. So, I just need to make this the default. How do I do that? Easy, but hidden a little. It’s located in Workspace | Preferences | Raster Manager | Default Attributes, but it’s not one of the check boxes on the tab. You have to click the “Set Default Attributes” button.

This will open a new dialog (it looks a lot like element info). If you scroll to the bottom. Make sure the Display Print Section has been expanded and you will find the Draping option at the end of this section. Set it to No.


Default Settings

And, you’re almost done. Click OK on the Default Raster Attach… dialog. Click OK again on the Preferences dialog. And then save settings so that MicroStation will remember this the next time you use it.