Photogeo Tip

FAQ #1 Why Do I Need a Google Maps API Key?

      We might also call this, why does the map viewer not update? Instead I see the Working Offline message.
But, hey, I know for sure that my internet connection is working!

     There are actually a couple of reasons this might happen. The first one is sort of obvious. You may have checked the work offline option. This option is located at the bottom of the Options Tab. When checked, the program will skip web requests and return the offline message. 

The point of this FAQ however, is to address the Google Maps API key. So, here’s the scoop…

     PhotogeoDWG Pro uses google maps to build and display the map view in the program toolbox. Google changed their policy in July 2018 to require the key and implement a new payment policy requiring membership in the Google Cloud Platform (GPC).

You can learn more about pricing here, 

You can start the process of getting a maps API key by visiting this link,


     Why don’t we provide a key?

If we provided a key, the aggregate cost to us would be quite high. We would have to provide the same API key to thousands of users creating a high map request load. We have chosen, instead to allow you to enter your own key, because individual keys will generate a very low number of requests with very little or even no cost to you.


     Where do I enter the key?

Click on the Options Tab in PhotogeoDWG. Click the plus ‘+’ button to the right of Maps API Key. This section will expand to show you a textbox, and a couple of buttons. The first button will take you to the Google API page where you can request and learn more about the Keys (also see the links above). Once you have the key, paste it into the text box (blacked out). Now go back to the Main Tab and select a photo. It will find the Map location for the photo.