Photogeo Tip

FAQ #14: Editing Photo Information

 You can only edit photo data if the photo has not been added to the drawing.

Close any drawings that might be referencing the photos
– other than the drawing you are working in.

And, if you have placed photos in the drawing, then these references will need to be removed.

<image 1- show edit photo info option>

Edit Photo Info is found by selecting the More button followed by the Edit Photo Info option.

<image 2- show photo info dialog.>

 When the photo info dialog opens all of the fields are disabled. This happens when the photo is already referenced in one or more opened drawings – usually this is the drawing you are working in. To enable these controls. You will have to first remove the image reference from your drawing.

<image 3- how to open external references palette> explain how to remove these.>

 To remove the reference, open the drawing references dialog. You can do this from External References ribbon menu located on the Insert ribbon.

<image 4- removing references via the external references palette..>

 From the External References palette, select the image you want to remove and then right click and select the detach option This will remove the reference. You can now return the Photo Edit Info dialog and make changes to the photo data.