PhotogeoDWG Pro FAQ

1. Why do I need a google maps API key?

PhotogeoDWG Pro uses google maps to build and display the map view in the program toolbox. Google changed their policy in July 2018 to require the key and implement a new payment policy and now requires membership in the Google Cloud Platform (GPC). You can learn more about pricing here, You can start the process of getting a maps API key by visiting this link,

2. Do I need to use the google maps preview?

No. The map preview window will display an offline image if the google maps API key is not valid or not found. You can still insert photos, camera markers, and labels.

3. Where is PhotogeoDWG? My IT Manager installed PhotogeoDWG for me, but it doesn’t show up on the Add-ins ribbon.

This is an older issue but may apply in some cases. The default install location for PhotogeoDWG is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\. If the program is installed here, then AutoCAD/Civil3D will find the program. Autoloader will also work from C:\Users\[a user name]\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\. If the program is installed here, then the program will only work for the user who installed it. Move the entire bundle, Phocaz_PhotoGeoDWG.bundle, to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ to resolve this issue.

4. Do I have to sign-in to my Autodesk account?

Yes. PhotogeoDWG uses the Autodesk App Store to manage licensing.

5. I have a license, but I can’t get on-line to log-in. Can I still use PhotogeoDWG?

Yes. PhotogeoDWG has a licensing grace period and will continue working until you can successfully sign-in. You must have signed-in at least once successfully before the grace period will work.

6. Do I need a Geographic Coordinate System?


7. Do I need to use Bing Maps?

No. You can use any background imagery, or a CAD drawing.

8. Why don’t the camera markers show up exactly where my feature is located?

There are several reasons why this might be the case.

i) When you take the photograph, the camera will record the location of the camera. That is, where you are holding the camera at the time the photo was snapped.

ii) Location accuracy will be as good as the equipment you are using. A smart phone generally is accurate to within 10 meters. We were able to improve accuracy using a mobile wifi puck. You might also consider satellite enhancement dongles like the Bad Elf device for iPhones.

iii) Wildly inaccurate results could be due to interference of your GPS enabled device. Interference can be caused by tall buildings such as found in a dense city landscape, excessive tree coverage, and even cloud coverage.

9. Can I change the location and elevation of the image after I have snapped the photo?

Yes, PhotogeoDWG lets you edit the meta data on photos including latitude, longitude, and elevation. Or, you can move the camera markers to a new position in the CAD file, and then use the Bulk XYZ to Lat/Long command to automatically make the photo locations match the positions of the markers in the drawing.

10. Can I capture locations inside a building?

No. PhotogeoDWG uses GPS to find the location and GPS does not work inside buildings. You can however place photo markers for a photo in your drawing and then use the Bulk XYZ to Lat/Long command to add building location data to your photos.

11. Where is my list of photos? I changed the folder location on the options tab, but when I return to the Main tab I don’t see my list of photos.

Use the command Get Photos from Local/Network Folder to update the file list on the Main tab.

12. I want to send the completed file with camera markers, photos, and labels to a colleague. Do they need PhotogeoDWG in order to use the drawing?

No. Camera markers are blocks, photos are raster references, and labels are multi-text. When you send the drawing, also include the photos along with any other references, and the person you send the drawing to will be able to see what you see.

13. Why don’t my photos place in the drawing?

Make sure that the drawing is named and saved before attempting to insert photo images.

14. Why can’t I edit the photo data?

You can only edit photo data before you insert them into a drawing. Close any drawings that might be referencing the photos and remove any existing photo references. This will free up the photos for edit.