Help PDF

The following link is the help document (PDF) delivered with the program. We are including it here in case you would like to learn more about PhotogeoDWG before installing it.


Example Photos

This page contains the demonstration data we built for testing and development purposes.

The first example, Sample DWG Dataset, contains images relating to an island replacement project. These would be preliminary engineering photos capturing existing conditions – for example, locations of manhole covers, utility and lighting poles, fences, and existing islands.

Sample DWG Dataset

The next example represents images taken along the same highway as the first sample, but about a mile or so north. These photos are current conditions of the sidewalk along the highway and might be of use for an accessibility study and/or documentation to show where sidewalk needs to be repaired, widened, and where ramps are required at parking lot and intersections. Two files make up the complete dataset. They are only broken into to downloads to meet the conditions of our website file size constraints. So, when you download the files you should consider extracting them into the same project images folder.

Advanced Sample Part 1

Advanced Sample Part 2