From influencing driving behavior to 3D printed building materials  – here’s a roundup of our favorite news stories relevant to the transportation industry .


To Cut Car Pollution, Ask Drivers to ‘Think of Yourself’CityLab, John Metcalfe
Environment and Behavior

Environment and Behavior

This study shows that drivers are more likely to follow the rules when when they are directed to self-evaluate. Threats of the consequences of not following the rules causes anxiety, and its hard to get people to change their behavior when they’re in panic-mode.

“These findings reinforce the importance of directing attention towards the individual when trying to encourage behavior change, and beyond that, suggest it may sometimes be more effective to encourage self-surveillance rather than using cues suggesting public surveillance.”


Mimicking nature’s cellular architectures via 3D printingWyss Institute, Leah Burrows

Researchers at Harvard and MIT have developed a new method of 3D printed materials that could be used to produce lightweight structural materials. Inspired by cellular architectures; they use 3D printing and ceramic foam ink to mimic nature’s design.

“You get the microstructural control with foam processing and global architectural control with printing. Because we’re printing something that already contains a specific microstructure, we don’t have to pattern each individual piece. That allows us to make structures with specific hierarchy in a more controllable way than we could do before.”

This video shows the 3D printing process in action.

Senators plot bipartisan bill on self-driving cars, The Hill, Melania Zanona

Federal safety regulations regarding car manufacturing standards were created with a human operator in mind. However, artificially intelligent drivers don’t exactly have the same needs as we do to safely operate a car. Our lawmakers are hoping to relax regulations to allow for innovation within the autonomous vehicle industry without changing laws that impact conventional vehicles.

“We both recognize that public policy must adapt to this new, rapidly-changing technology to ensure the federal government maintains safety while leaving room for innovators to reach their full potential.”

Should The Construction Industry Partner With Cloud CompaniesConstruction Equipment Guide, Lavanya Ratham

cloud computing blueprint and cones. illustration design over a white background

With the early adoption to CAD and 3D design softwares, the construction industry is no stranger to utilizing the latest technologies. Here are nine ways the industry benefits from cloud computing.

Why cloud, and why not the hundreds of other technologies available today? The simple answer is that the cloud is the future.