I’ve was trying to work with MicroStation SS2 and Google Earth Pro recently and it wasn’t connecting to MicroStation.captureearth I did a little surfing and according to this post from Bentley Communities, the latest version of Google Earth broke the connection with MicroStation. The post talks about how its broken in Civil, but it’s really a MicroStation feature, so naturally it’s broken here too. I rolled back to GEP 7.0 (because it was available) and everything was better. I uninstalled GEP first, and I also removed all Bentley software. A little tedious, but I wanted to make sure that I re-installed in order. That is, MicroStation first and then GEP. I also read another post that suggested cleaning up registry entries, but decided to skip this step. It didn’t seem to hurt anything. The GEP connection runs just fine now.

So, the connectivity issue with GEP in SS2 causes a bit of a problem for those of us who want to make a quick set of documents using PhotogeoDGN. With this fix however, you will be good to go and creating your docs can continue!