Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the United Nations.

Last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to the United Nations twice on Saturday. He spoke at the UN General Assembly and the Private Sector Forum. Mr Zuckerberg wants to bring the Internet to the Syrian refugees.

Earlier in the day, Zuckerberg and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates led a high-powered contingent whose goal is to bring Internet access to everyone in the world by 2020 – part of a U.N. effort to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. U.N. officials estimate half the world does not have reliable access, especially women and girls, whose education and health is crucial to anti-poverty efforts. [Read the full article on USAToday.com here.]

Bono and Mark Zuckerberg collaborated on an opinion piece for the New York Times stating that the world could be connected if everyone is on the Internet. Read the full opinion piece here.

It’s interesting to note that half the world’s population still does not have access to the internet. Most of those without access are living in developing countries or the poorest world’s poorest countries. Certainly connecting to their neighbors and the rest of the world will improve their living conditions, lifting them from poverty to prosperity. Or will it?

I hope it is true and that influential leaders like Zuckerberg and Gates can make it happen. In the meantime, here are a couple related articles I found on the Interwebs.