IHEEP 2022

Fort Myers, Florida

September 25 – 29, 2022 

Why do we go to IHEEP?

Phocaz Inc. goes to IHEEP because we enjoy meeting and collaborating with DOTs and other consultants managing highway infrastructure.

How can you find us?

This year we will be attending conference sessions and events. 

Why would you want to find us?

Is there something in Autodesk or Microstation that you repeatedly do that you feel there should be a better alternative to?

Do you use a legacy program that needs upgrading to make use of the latest CAD updates?

We create and update programs that automate tasks to save you time.


We know.

Let us know what’s bothering you and we’ll see what we can do.

Can’t make it to the conference? Want to talk before the conference?

Just shoot us a message at info@phocaz.com

See you at IHEEP 2022 in...








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