(photo taken with my iPhone 6)

I’m an Apple person. All my devices have been Apple since I left the corporate world a few years ago. There are iMacs on our desktop, a Macbook Pro when we travel, iPhone4s to 6, an iPad, and Apple TV. We are an Apple company/family.

Last month we finally made the jump to Android & Microsoft since we have decided to develop mobile apps. Now I have a Samsung phone and an LG tablet. Mark got the Microsoft phone. Which is fine because I love change! Change could be my middle name.

While I am not “jumping ship” to the Android, I am feeling a little challenged with my new devices. So maybe my middle name should not be “change.” My iPhone skills do not work on Android. The swipe down does not let me search, the double tap on the button does not show all the open apps, plus the Samsung and the LG are different even though they are both Android. I feel like I’m learning two different versions of Android. I am grateful I do not have to move data to my new devices.

Still, I’m glad we (The Phocaz Group) invested in Android and Microsoft devices. As we work on our mobile app for Photogeo, we want to make sure we understand the device owner’s experience. This includes tablets and iPad.

Hey, my iPad is a few years old. Must be time to upgrade!

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