The spirit of HEEP in the form of a blog

A new blog series begins in January called HEEP Stories – Connecting the DOT’s. The idea is to continue the HEEP mission which “promotes engineering technology and software solutions relating to international, state and local highway transportation agencies/organizations.” Most of the work is accomplished through the annual IHEEP conference. Our goal is to continue the spirit of the conference through our blog.

What to Expect from HEEP Stories

Each month we will feature a different US State Department of Transportation in a Q&A where we learn why they attend the IHEEP Conference, what’s in it for them, and why they think you should attend. If you have attended the annual conference, then you know the wide variety of topics presented. Our series will cover topics from ProjectWise to drones to 3D models.

Some of the blog topics originate from presentations made at the conference. Many others will organically grow from conversations with other transportation professionals and through interviews with DOTs.

Plus, we will feature unusual stories that link back to transportation. Some are from our hometown, Huntsville, Alabama. Topics like “hand drawn plausible fictitious maps.” And Energy Alabama’s efforts to support electric charging stations throughout the city.

The end goal is to facilitate the connection between DOTs. Of course, we welcome your feedback, blog ideas, and even your critiques. Feel free to email me. I look forward to “connecting the DOTs” with you.

About HEEP

The Highway Engineering Exchange Program (HEEP) is an international organization which promotes engineering technology and software solutions relating to international, state and local highway transportation agencies/organizations.

How did it start?

It originally formed as an informal meeting of several western states held in Portland, Oregon, in 1956. The first official HEEP meeting was an organizational session held in San Jose, California, in 1959. A large number of states were represented, and they voted to inaugurate area and national meetings. At the San Jose meeting, the first president was elected. Annual meetings have been held each year since 1959.


The International Highway Engineering Exchange Program (IHEEP) annual conference is held in the home state of the current President of HEEP. In September 2017 Kentucky will host the conference.