Photogeo Tip

FAQ #10 Can I capture locations
inside a building?


The short answer is no. Photogeo uses CAD technology to read geocoded photos. These are photos that have GPS locations attached to them. This information is read by photogeo and then converts them to the drawing’s coordinate system. When you snap a photo inside a building there is interference from roof and wall. Because of this, your GPS camera is unable to get a fix on your location.


It is possible, however, to change the position of a photo marker that is already in a CAD file. Let’s say you have taken some photos on a construction site (inside or out). Using photogeo you import the camera locations, but they are not in the right position. In this case you can move them using AutoCAD move commands. If you do this the XYZ coordinate is not synched with the Lat/Long coordinate. To fix this, use the Bulk XYZ to Lat/Long command. The command will automatically update the Lat/Long coordinate on each photo.

There are commercially available products that combine multiple technologies for navigating, tracking assets, inventory, and even people. And there are many organizations from big players like IBM to small startups trying to use and improve these technologies.

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