Problems come in many forms and sizes. These problems relate to CAD software in the Transportation industry. Which ones can you relate to?

Essential programs are being made obsolete.

There is a program that you have had for years, decades even and it has never let you down – much. Might be Fortran, might not.  Now the operating systems it relies on for its very life is no longer supported by the evil genius Microsoft overlords executives. What to do? Have the program rewritten in a modern language. Fix the bugs that have plagued your life. Add the features you have asked for over the many years. Work more efficiently.  

New tools needed to automate processes.

You know this has been an issue for years, maybe decades. You do this routine every day, several times a day. It is a multi-step process. It is monotonous. It is time consuming. You can do it in your sleep. Can you relate? Your fondest wish is to make it a push button operation. That would speed up your day. Leaves you time to do more interesting tasks. Time would fly by. Look, it’s time to clock out.

Need to standardize CAD files prior to digital delivery.

Literally, hundreds of CAD files must be processed so only view 1 and 2 are open, fitted to view 1, save settings (file design for those who remember), turn on levels, turn off levels, check the dimension settings, and so on, and so on. Phew. How many hours does that take? You need a project closeout program that bulk processes all the files – without you. Then take a break. Go get more coffee. And a donut. (Mmmm, donuts.)

Sheets are plotted and they look different: measurement symbols, font sizes, title blocks.

Everyone has plotted their sheets. There they are in a nice stack on the project manager’s desk. He flips through them, scanning them, reaches for the red pen, and begins to make notes. On. Every. Single. Sheet. Dimension symbols are not the same, different borders are used, title blocks are inconsistent, line weights are off, and so on, and so on. Wow. You have CAD Standards. Now get some tools to ensure the standards are applied so all the sheets look the same. Improve consistency. Reduce errors.

Help is an email away.

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