From digital fabrication in construction to ____ – here’s a roundup of our favorite news stories relevant to the transportation industry.

Digital Fabrication in Architecture – The Challenge to Transform the Building IndustryETH Zurich/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Digital technology is transforming the construction industry, and it’s incredible how quickly it’s progressing. Some highlights: mathematical design models, 3D printing on 1:1 construction scales, and a construction robot that will be used on an actual building site.

In order to fully exploit the potential of digital fabrication, an institutional and funding environment that enables strong interdisciplinary research is required. Traditionally separated disciplines such as: architecture, structural design, computer science, materials science, control systems engineering, and robotics now need to form strong research connections.

Private Investment in Public Infrastructure: Trust and Funding Present Obstacles, Route Fifty, Bill Lucia

All infrastructure projects need a repayment source; whether it’s used to pay back investors or cover maintenance costs.

Donohue said that public-private partnerships can sometimes look “like a really easy way to avoid doing the hard thing, which is raising revenue. “You’re going to need a repayment source,” he added. “You’re really just kind of deciding what type of revenue you want to raise.”