A new monthly feature on the blog: Blast from the Past will feature CAD101 tips for MicroStation from the old cadgurus.com site.

This month’s Blast is about AccuDraw. Remember when AccuDraw was new and nobody wanted to use it? Yeah, well I was an early adopter and loved it. This Blast originated from Kristi Patterson at a MMAC (MicroStation Metro Atlanta Community) meeting. I just tested it in V8i SS2 and it still works!

Date: 9/23/2003 Title: AccuDraw Calc Submitted by: Mary A Ramsey
AccuDraw has a built in calculator. This is a great thing for me because I have become completely dependent on calculators. You can do simple math: add, subtract, multiply and divide. 

AccuDraw CalcTo begin using the calculator type any of the following characters: + – / * =. A popup field opens where you continue to type your input. See the figure to the right. AccuDraw’s calculator also understands complex expressions such as “multiple operators, parentheses and C expressions. Use the = sign to enter a complex expression. AccuDraw replaces the existing value with value from the calculator.Another tip from Kristi Patterson’s AccuDraw presentation at the MMAC October meeting.

Disclaimer: Some “Blast from the Past” tips may be more nostalgic and may not apply to the current version of MicroStation and is meant to be more entertainment than technical advice.