Our Story

How much of what we do on a daily basis could be improved with automation?

A while ago I was walking a project with a friend to gain some insight into how preliminary project data was captured and then shared with the rest of the design team. As we walked along the project, I snapped several photos that I planned to use in a PhotogeoDWG demonstration and my friend explained to me how he normally would not take photos because he didn’t have an easy way to correlate these with the feature location. For him, it was easier to scribble down notes on a pad of paper and then later transfer these notes to an electronic format – maybe a spreadsheet or even a drawing. He went on to explain that for larger projects he and a helper would drive along the project route. As he spotted features to note, he would tell his helper to write a specific note to describe the feature and related issue.

If you have been keeping up with technology trends, you already know that smart phones and tablets have the power to transform the way we capture data. Further, our drawing tools can help us revolutionize the way we consume that data. For example, our flagship add-in, PhotogeoDWG changes the way we create documentation through automation. As for my friend, some notes app for his phone and PhotogeoDWG might be just the thing.

We are tech analysts, software architects, and developers. But, we are engineers too, and we see our role as guides who can help you navigate the technology landscape and demonstrate how to take older work practices and automate them to make you more effective at what you do.